Are you searching for employees? Check how your company will benefit.

Qualified staff – during the recruitment process we verify candidates’ skills meticulously. We choose only persons, who can prove declared skills. Irrespectively of the profile and degree of specialisation, we guarantee satisfaction with the quality of the delegated team.

Low costs – we ensure payroll services, required examinations and trainings.
All costs related with employing employees are covered by us.
You incur only the costs of actual working time of the employees.

Mitigating risk – you contract a required number of employees with relevant qualifications.
We guarantee 100% presence. In case of dissatisfaction with the quality of work, we exchange the employee with other person, who will perform well on a given position.

Complex service – we deal with all formalities. Legal issues and legalisation of stay in Poland is guaranteed by us.

Process of cooperation with TAKE-WORK

  1. You report the need for employees.
  2. We prepare an offer tailored to your needs.
  3. We stipulate the terms and conditions of cooperation and settlement.
  4. We choose employees from the TAKE WORK base, who will meet your expectations.
  5. We send employees to your company.
  6. We conduct ongoing recruitment continuously enlarging the employees’ base.

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